Brand name of top grade quality

Brand name of top grade Quality


Vietnam Flour Mills Ltd is the leader and pioneer in applying Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP), using the modernest milling technology in South East Asia. Our products with reasonable price and consistent quality, are trusted by many clients use for making breads, baguettes in super market such as Big C, Metro,...


Things that you may not know about wheat flour

Wheat is one of the most important food, is grown all over the continent in the world with a large amounts only after corn and rice. Wheat grain includes 14% wheat bran, 83% endosperm, and about 3% germ. Flour made ​​from wheat by grinding process. Flour is made ​​from wheat through grinding process. During this process, bran and germ are separated and the rest of the wheat grain - endosperm, the nutrient reserve of grain, starch, protein, small amounts of fats, minerals and vitamins, is crushed to a fine powder called wheat flour. Flour have a natural ivory or white color, is a raw materials for production many kind of food such as bread, noodles, dumplings, biscuits, pies, cakes, vegetarians dishes...


Wheat flour has an important and particular ingredient that other flours do not have, which is gluten. Gluten in wheat flour when mixing with water, under the influence of some enzymes, will make the dough become more elastic. Thus, gluten and protein content are two basic factors determine the quality of finished products and the classification of special types of flour. For example: flour for bread making will have high and strong gluten, help bread rise better and retain its shape after baking. Flour to make cakes or gateaux has less gluten. Pastry flour has higher gluten than cake flour but lower than bread flour...


There are two main flour processing technologies which are wheat blending technology and  modern flour blending technology. Though wheat blending technology has low investment costs, it produces flour of inconsistent quality, trouble-making to users. Flour blending technology is modern, of high investment costs. However, it produces finish products of stable and consistent quality, satisfying the special requirements of customers.

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Flour for professional people

In our country, although rice is one of the main staples, demand for products made ​​from flour has been growing. VIETNAM FLOUR MILLS LTD. (VFM) operates a 400MT/day flour mill in Ba Ria - Vung Tau province. The mill is equipped with modern machinery, technology and milling system from Bühler – Switzerland, the world’s leading supplier of flour milling machinery and technology.


Wheat is imported from some countries such as Australia, Canada, America, etc and is quality-controlled before going through production process. Closed and modern technology of VFM allows different types of flour to be finely milled, separated and stored in separate silos. Finished wheat flour products are produced by mixing different types of flour from the silos by the specific formula. This is the technology edge of VFM. That VFM applies flour blending technology which surpasses the commonly widely-used wheat blending technology in Vietnam. This helps our finished wheat flour products to have better quality and consistency, allows the company to meet orders with special request.


Wheat flour of Vietnam Flour Mills is introduced to the market with two main groups: commercial brands and tailored-made flour as per special request of consumers. Commercial brand wheat flour of VFM is defined according to usage purposes, such as Satellite flour used for sandwich; Red Key, Red Pen, Red Compass used for bread, baguette; Blue Key used for dumplings; Green Key used for cake, cookies; Orange Key used for noodles, etc. All products are packaged complying with the standards of food hygiene and safety with size of 25kg or 40kg.


VFM’s trusted brands, including Satellite, Red Key, Blue Key, Green Key, are popularly known and favored by many clients. In particular, Red Key is the traditional and typical brand. Premium Red Key flour has high quality, its specification of protein, wet gluten, ash, moisture level, etc are always consistency, especially suitable for making premium bread, baguette. According to the professional bakers: “Red Key flour is truly outstanding with high protein, good water absorption, helping the flour to better rise, making the product to have delicious taste and a crispy cover”. Therefore, Red Key flour has gained trust of domestic and foreign customers as a VFM’s premium brand. It is selected for production of many different types of breads and baguettes of reputable supermarket such as Big C and Metro, etc.


Currently, VFM’s products are widely distributed not only in domestic market but also exported to Hongkong, Thailand. In the future, VFM will study and introduce more flour products, R& D to product diversification and better services, meet our vision “to enhance lives of Vietnamese consumers through producing products with superior quality at the lowest cost”.


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