Ground-breaking ceremony of VFM – Wilmar Flour Mill

Leader of Quang Ninh province and representative of VFM-Wilmar Flour Mills Co.,Ltd
attend the ground -breaking ceremony


VFM- Wilmar Flour Mills was commenced on an area of 3.4ha at Cai Lan Industrial Zone, Ha Long City with total investment of USD 47 million and expected capacity of 500 tons/ day.  The factory’s production lines use modern technology, friendly with environment. Main products are all kinds of flour and by-products such as mill bran from the flour milling process.


This is one of the three projects that were granted investment certification at Investment Incentive conference Quang Ninh Province 2012. It’s expected that by the end of 2014 VFM-Wilmar Flour Mills will be completed and put into operation, promising not only to bring benefits to investors and consumer but also contribute to the social and economic development of province by producing high quality products for domestic and foreign market, create stable jobs for local labors, provide opportunity to supply service to contractors and service suppliers on maintaining operation of the plant.


Speaking at the ceremony, Mr. Nguyen Van Doc, Chairman of province People’s Committee emphasizes: that PB Berhad Group initiates flour mills project in Quang Ninh is an evidence for the success of province in calling foreign investors to invest in Quang Ninh after the Investment Incentive conference. At the same time, this confirms the province’s interest in reform administration procedures in order to reduce verbose administrative procedures for investors when investing in Quang Ninh.


The Chairman desires after the flour mills project, PPB Berhad Group will continue researching and developing more projects in the province. He also confirms that Quang Ninh will create the most favorable conditions to implement the project on schedule.


Mai Hương.