Making Biggest Bánh Mì Vietnam




The contest “Making Biggest Bánh Mì Vietnam” have been taken place together at Vietnam Cuisine Culture Festival from July 8 to 13 in Nha Trang City. Bakers came from Central provinces such as Buon Me Thuot, Ninh Thuan, Nha Trang,… Each bakery have a representative baker to attend the contest to make a biggest Banh Mi Vietnam with 2 kg dough in 2 hours.


The Contest have organized by Saf Viet with the cooperation from:

- Vietnam Flour Mills Ltd.

- Kien An Inox Co. Ltd.


Ingredients and equipments used in the contest are provided by those companies above included Red Key SP wheat flour, Yeast, Improver and baking ovens. Contestant have a same conditions with same ingredients, equipments to compete of making a biggest volume Bánh mì Việt Nam with limitation of 2kg dough and 2 hours working.

The biggest Bánh mì is measured by putting in the box, fulfill empty space of the box by resin. Weight the resin in the box, those have a lightest weight will be the biggest Bánh mì Vietnam.


Prize are include 1st prize for each day competition and 1 Champion prize.

Winner of day competition is presented 40kg Premium Red Key Flour.

Champion prize for winner are included a LCD 32” and 200kg Red Key Flour.






Pictures at the event.


At this event, a Central selection of Louis Lesaffre Coupe have been hold on from 11 to 12 July with about 20 bakers from Horeca attended.

Contestant will compete with baguette, cakes and art bread. 3 best bakers of 3 kind of breads  are chosen to attend the final round in HCM City. And then the 3 best ones of final round will representative for Vietnam to attend the World Cup Bread.

Ingredients flour use in this contest are  Red Key SP for baguette and Green Key for cakes, Satellite for art bread. Yeast, improver and baking oven provide by Saf Viet and Kien An.










Both contest have been taken place in a warming weather of Nha Trang seaside with a greatly enthusiasm of audience, attendants in a fruitful of festival. Breads, cakes after that are shared to audiences for tasting. All create a highlight for the contests and festival, also made us an unforgettable memories.


Quốc Dũng.