Overall about wheat

Wheat is probably the most widely cultivated cereal crop in all the continents of the world. Wheat, as with all other cereal grains, belongs to the plant classification of grass, and has many varieties. Each variety has certain characteristics with vary according to the locality, soil type and climatic conditions ( sun, rain) they encounter while growing.


Wheat cultivars can be classified by planting season, hardness of the grain.


Base on planting season:

  • Winter wheat are winter hardy, so they are planted in the fall. In the spring they resume maturation and are harvested early in the summer.
  • Spring wheat are planted in the spring and harvested late in the summer.


Base on hardess of grain:

  • Soft wheat varieties have starchy kernels (less gluten) which mill easier than the hard wheat. Soft wheat flour is preferred for piecrust, biscuits, cake…
  • Hard wheat have higher protein and gluten levels than their softer cousins, and are used for bread, pizza, baguette..
  • The hardest wheat is durum (T. durum), whose flour is used in the manufacture of macaroni, spaghetti, and other pasta products.


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