All purpose flour Meizan

To meet the flour demand growing in the family for making cakes and food processing, the general purpose flour named Meizan is produced and packaged in small packing under food hygiene & safety regulations . This Meizan Flour is optimal choice for taste and health of consumers.


  • Applications: This all purpose flour Meizan is best suited for making baguettes, cakes, pastries, pancake, pizzas, noodles, steam buns as well as batter for frying chicken, fish, shrimp, ...



  • Packing:  0.5Kg, 1Kg


  • Technical specifications:


 Fat:                                              1.4%

 Carbonhydrate:                            74.4%

Protein:                                       10.5%

Calories:                    356 Kcal (1490KJ)