Meet Our People

Each passing moment sees not only the growth and development of the company but also the development of each individual. Collectively we share the joys of success and the sorrows of failure, the hard work, the sweat and the tears. At VFM, I found a warm, welcoming working environment. The Board of Management cares about their employees’ welfare, such as provision of rice, oil, flour. VFM is supportive of their employees’ health and cultural activities, as well as travel. Here we share experiences like a family: your family at work for the happy and the sad times. I was also given a gift for the Tet holidays, which really warmed my heart!

Junior Customer Service Supervisor – Customer Service Department – VFM

VFMW is a large company. The workload can certainly put you under a lot of pressure, especially for someone like me: a recent graduate who does not have much working experience. The time I have spent working at VFMW is not long, but with the guidance of dedicated colleagues in the company, particularly in the Finance Department, I have really excelled in my role. I’ve not only learned more, but also improved and expanded my skill set, and understand how to conduct myself in the workplace – training you do not get when you study at school. In addition to working in a professional environment with friendly co-workers, I am impressed with how the company treats their employees; benefits such as welfare, organisation of events such as Family Day, International Women’s Day, Tet Dinner, monthly birthday party for employees,… I feel proud to be working for this company.

Junior Accounts Supervisor – Account Department – VFMW