Why Working With Us

As one of the leading flour companies in Vietnam, we commit to bring you a professional working environment that enables you to transfer theoretical knowledge to practice, accumulate practical working experience and build a successful career path together with the vigorous development of the company.

Multi-national working environment

We aim at building up a multicultural, professional, dynamic, and creative working environment. At VFM, you can always feel a friendly, open, and harmonious environment among colleagues of different backgrounds from different countries and territories, a working environment regardless of nation, region, age, and position. It is the common roof of all VFM members, the place where “Company is family – Colleagues are siblings.”

A unique culture based on 6 core values

With the unique culture, we create a collaborative working environment that connects all employees through a standard ideology of 6 core values: Integrity – Excellence – Passion – Innovation – Teamwork – Safety. This is the lodestar for every action, every activity of each employee, the foundation to improve the efficiency and quality of work.

Promote capacity, nurture talents

Building a working environment of talents focus is the target that we are aiming for. At company, we plan a personal career path for each employee, along which you are assigned tasks commensurate with your capability, expertise and career development goals. Being a member of VFM, you have chances to attend training courses at home and abroad, which help you improve skills and enrich knowledge to satisfy work demand. Not only working in a particular department, you are also benefited from rotation policy which enables you to rotate in different departments or to work abroad. This is the opportunity for you to learn from others, gain more professional knowledge and accumulate experience.

Competitive remuneration regime

At VFM, we are particularly interested in your performance and efforts in work. Performance Appraisal program is conducted annually to assess employee’s performance, recognize efforts, work efficiency throughout the year, at the same time point out employee’s weaknesses and things need to be improved in the coming time. Based on work performance, we offer a competitive remuneration package and promotion opportunity commensurate with your effort. Besides, health insurance, monthly support of essential items such as oil, rice, flour, etc. are the salient and humane welfares that we are implementing for each employee.